CTV/OTT Trends in 2020

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CTV Audiences Trends
How do viewers access CTV today?

  • Streaming Devices

1.1 billion

“The global number of streaming devices and connected TVs in households has surpassed 1.1 billion. With so many people cutting the cord and turning to streaming services as their primary source for TV and entertainment, it’s not hard to see why.

Of those 1.1 billion devices, Samsung makes up the majority with 14% of devices in use. In second place is Sony with 12%, followed by LG with 8%, and Hisense, TCL, and Amazon Fire TV each with 5%. With such a wide range of brands and devices on the market, Samsung’s leading 14% is a pretty good-sized chunk of the market share.”

Source: CordCutterNews | Updated: September 2020

  • CTV US

The trend of US consumers seeking AVOD services continues as illustrated in this recent report. In fact, 1 in 3 US CTV users opt for Free V paid for services when streaming their TV content.

US CTV devices adoption and frequency of usage

Source: Unruly Global CTV Research Published September 2020

  • CTV in Europe

The European TV market is a fragmented one, however, as this research illustrates the trend to stream content continues to increase in popularity. It also illustrates Europeans are doing this via a number of fragmented devices & Apps.

Ad views by CTV devices in Europe, with split per device or set up box

The UK CTV market is growing quickly, BVOD, SVOD & AVOD services are all competing for users attention & time. In this report, we can see what services UK viewers are actually engaging with the most.

Source: The IAB Europe Guide To Connected TV Published June 2020

UK CTV audience split between BVOD & SVOD

Source: The IAB Europe Guide To Connected TV Published June 2020

Streaming Services
Dynamics behind the companies delivering CTV content

  • TV vs CTV: data-driven television outpaces linear TV

76% of US Households have OTT Services vs 62% Cable TV

Source: MediaPost | June 2020

In the COVID-19 era, consumers are turning to streaming and Connected TV in bigger numbers than ever before.

US Pay TV evolution by number of viewers and % of change

Source The Trade Desk White-paper on CTV & AVOD Growth | Published May 2020

  • Ad-Supported Streaming Growth Is Outpacing SVOD in the US

The dominant SVOD services are the destination of choice for many viewers. However, those that are streaming other services including AVOD are growing at a quicker rate than those tuning into paid for TV services.

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Ad supported services growth in the US, compared to non-ad supported (SVOD)

Source Comscore State Of OTT Report | Published June 2020

US video streaming usage & distribution, with platform split for Q2 2020

Source VAN Report June 2020

  • CTV numbers during COVID

85% of users likely to keep their subscriptions going forward

In this report into the US streaming market, Grabyo illustrate the strong position publishers of free streaming content are in when it comes to consumer adoption in 2020. They also take a look at the streaming habits created by the recent global lockdowns.

Infographic showing growth dynamics per streaming service, user retention or habits toward CTV video consumption

Source: Grabyo At Home CTV Trends (US) 2020

Ad Spent & Industry trends reflecting CTV evolutions

  • CTV Ad Spent

$16 billion

Average CTV spend for the year is expected to reach $16MM per advertiser (+8% y/y)

More than half of buyers are shifting dollars from Broadcast (53%) and Cable TV (52%) advertising towards CTV

In terms of specific categories, retail, media/entertainment and telecom are the largest CTV buyers, spending $32.2 million, $31.9 million, and $20.6 million per advertiser, respectively.

Source: IAB US 2020 Digital Video | Updated: June 2020

  • US overtakes China as home of AVOD, with spending to top US$53 billion by 2025

Digital TV Europe recently reported Global AVOD expenditure is predicted to double to more than $53bn by 2025, according to the latest findings from Digital TV Research, which also reported that China’s spending had dropped by 8.9% in 2019 as a result of its economic downturn.

Ranking table describing AVOD ad expenditure comparing 2019 to ad spent projected in 2025, for the top 5 countries

Source: Digital TV Europe | Updated June 2020

  • Investment priorities
Media rating table per devices, showing CTV as the leading media investment destination for brand safety and content quality

Source The IAB US 2020 Video Ad Spend Report: Putting Covid Into Context | Updated: June 2020

As cord-cutting shifts the revenue model of media companies, the ad-supported streaming space is poised to take off — here are the key players brands need to be aware of, and how advertisers are working with them.

Media ad investment priorities following the pandemic and the rise of CTV

Source Business Insider. | Updated April 2020

CTV Tech Ecosystem
Mapping of key players

  • Convergent TV Ecosystem by Luma
Convergent TV ecosystem map, showing key players per category: data management & measurement, demand-side facilitation, Supply-side facilitation (including Publica), Distribution and Content

Source: Luma partners | Updated August 2020